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Alan Ritacco

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High Performance Computing


       I am the manager of High Performance Computing @ UMASS Medical School
I work with the researchers here at UMASS on computational elements of HPC.  I am currently working on HG matching and the setting up of LIMS systems.  We currently are in the process of completing an upgrade to our clustered environment.  Our clustered environment will be upgraded and will have over 1400CPU’s between all the clusters running CentOS and SGE.


Some recent publications:

1)          2009: A recent paper: “How’s My Network” can be viewed hereIn Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, San Francisco, CA USA, August 2009

2)          We recently a released a paper testing and modifying MPIBlast.  The paper can be viewed here.

3)          An older paper we wrote on VPN can be read here.



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